Vocal Work

Work for Other Songwriters

Vocals for Richard Rosenbaum:

Back-ups for Bobbi Style:

Vocals and song production for Nanaimo Area Land Trust:
 “I am a member of Nanaimo Area Land Trust (Nalt), an organization dedicated to promote and protect the natural values of land in the Nanaimo area. I wrote a song about Nalt and had Laura provide the vocals and musical arrangements for the song.  With her unique and enchanting voice she has a way of captivating the listeners while at the same time expressing the important aspects and message within the song. Nalt was lucky to find someone like Laura to perform their song!” -Steve Romanik, Nalt Member

Vocals for Dave Rice:
 “Thanks for your prompt and creative service.  I look forward to possible future opportunities.”

Vocals for Brad Strang: