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Laura Kelsey has a very nice voice and delivers a top-notch vocal performance every time.
– JP,, Album review for A Tear From the Conquered Realm

Amazing song “A Foolish Thing” by the wonderful Laura Kelsey. Right from the start I felt the song whisper to my heart. Amy Winehouse vibes blended with Shania Twain, but blessed with Laura Kelsey’s own touch of delicacy. Definitely a beautiful way with her words and musical composition. There is a deep country happy positive energy in the song. And to top it off, the videography captures the mood perfectly. Her vocals element are nothing quite heard of before. Stunning soulful lady!
-SpookayHeART, Music Blogger

Laura Kelsey, half of folk duo Builder & the Banshee recently released a solo single, A Foolish Thing. It is a perfect vehicle for her incredibly powerful voice which swells both emotionally and tonally with perfect control. Her vocal reminds me of Annie Lennox in its ability to paint lyrics in shades of light and dark. The tune provides a solid base to a song that tackles love in all its shades and proves that you can bring a new twist to an old genre. The video is also brilliant! Laura Kelsey is an artist to watch.
-David Pearce, Music Blogger

‘Wild Mountain Woman’ is a musical dynamo
100 Mile House musical artist Laura Kelsey is a dynamic performer who has had her fingers in all kinds of musical pies. She writes, sings, and performs sexy power blues, country noir ballads, suicidal acoustic songs, and biorhythmic beat music. She has also fronted heavy metal bands, jams regularly at the Hootenanny Cafe, and can usually be found with recording projects and video productions on the go. In fact, between May to June this year, Laura has recorded and released ten original songs, along with videos, which can be found on YouTube. Sound manic? According to Laura there really isn’t a choice in the matter: “I think music decides on you,” she says, rather than the other way around. “Music has always been there — even when you try to ignore it, try to resign yourself to something more ‘stable,’ it always comes back — and then it drives you mad.”
-Juli Harland – The Stew Magazine